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What inspires You?

We are all inspired by things that are unique to our life experiences, our personality, lifestyle and surroundings . It's good to think about this every now and again to be sure we are living our best life ...with passion, creativity and joy.

We can ask ourselves a few questions and see what resonates with us individually.

What motivates you?

What drives you to succeed?

What are you passionate about?

What makes you work hard every day?

Personally, I love learning new things; discovering new techniques and ways to create beautiful results. I love meeting new people as well as building on existing relationships. I'm always inspired by creation, nature, animals and children. I love being an integral part of a community. A friend, a support, a role model. I love making a difference in someone's life, being part of their special day.

I'm a natural problem solver, so I look for the solution rather than adopting a negative attitude which has served me well.

Like the time we were short staffed and had 2 additional makeovers and 1 hair to do beyond what was originally booked.

Like the time we should have been driving a jeep to handle the terrain, then had to scale down rocky embankments with all our rolling gear to get to the location.

Yet the end result is worth all the extra efforts involved.

I'm inspired when I listen to how couples met and how aligned their souls are together. I love hearing about their unique experiences, good or bad, and seeing how they've risen to meet each challenge with love and commitment. I'm inspired when I see the family all together sharing in the special milestones of each others lives.

I would love to hear what things have inspired you, your inspirational stories of challenge and victory. And love.


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