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MYG Cosmetics

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We're Canadian eh

MYG is Canadian owned and operated since 2013 (formerly Make You Gorgeous).


The motivation behind our company was, and continues to be about inspiring you; to put your best self forward and be amazing in every area of your life. 


Science has proven the 'look good/feel good' formula works. 

It starts with self love. 

By nurturing your body, your spirit and giving some consideration to the way the world sees you, your inner and outer beauty shines through which in turn improves your overall well being and outlook.


We invite all to become part of our community, whether contributing, participating or just viewing our regular posts, videos, blog submissions or feedback. 


As a conscientious business, we strive to provide the best products with the finest ingredients at the fairest prices we can find. 


Our aim is to keep you inspired with fresh new ideas, beauty tips, looks, products, and savings.


We invite feedback and suggestions and welcome blog content as this is the voice of our community.

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