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Our team

Our company came into existence in 2013 at a time where Nicole and myself had both been managing luxury brand cosmetic counters at a department store. 

We achieved a successful growth rate and most importantly, a wonderful clientele base which was the best part, however in the environment of constant targets, we felt it was less about helping people and more about selling.  Fast forward to today, our company was rebranded in 2019 from Make You Gorgeous to MYG at the outset of the pandemic and continues to inspire and help wherever and whomever we can.  

Hannah has joined the team as a junior artist and Lohla continues to be an inspiration as a vibrant young person who has overcome much adversity yet continues to work toward her goals of being a medical esthetic nurse which will be a big asset to the MYG team as she welcomes a whole new level of services to our customers. 

Our focus continues to be ...our guests, patrons, collaborators and partners.

We enjoy taking on initiatives where there are people we can help such as senior care, animal welfare and mentoring our youth.

Read more about that in our makeup gallery page.

Hair inspiration

Like fondant on the cake the hairdo is a finishing touch that gives the final transformational feature of the look inspired by the style of the occasion.  We love to embrace the tried and true as well as the new and unconventional. Whether you're going for a natural destination beach location, a posh exclusive club or a castle, we endeavor to bring the vibes of the event and of course your vision to the table. 

We like to discuss your desired look before the event, gather information and photos of your hair, skin type, color, texture and together determine the intensity of makeup, whether it be more natural or high glam as well as the hair color, length and the goals to achieve with the final look.

Once we complete your consultation, the date is booked and we have received photos of all patrons requiring the services, then let us work our magic.

We have our studio in Toronto, however for a nominal fee, we can come to your location. 

There are so many different ways to honor your special day and often the location will inspire the desired look. For example if your wedding is formal, then you would likely go with a more formal hairdo with a bit more structure, whereas a less formal outdoor setting could have more of a carefree feel.

Meet The Team

Nicole has been actively working in the beauty industry for 15 years. After completing a course in makeup artistry. She has worked in all facets of the beauty industry, including waxing, skin care treatments and makeup application.

After completing a 2 year hairstyling program she has continued to further her knowledge and expertise with seminars and trainings garnering her international recognition with the receipt of 2 awards from international competitions.


Elizabeth has had an entrepreneurial spirit from the time she was in her 20's beginning with a bridal shop created out of thin air as it would appear, in the Chatham Kent region. 

After moving to the GTA in the 2000's, she made her way into business ownership once again and has enjoyed many years of cosmetic and business training ultimately forming MYG out of her passion for helping people, transformation along with her love of the beauty industry.

Our Clients

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