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MYG Membership

MYG Member Benefits:

●10% of every dollar spent is put in your points cache to spend on future MYG purchases. Redeemable on products only, not services.

●Exclusive offers posted to Members only.

●VIP Rates:

MYG Members with orders over $200 will receive a 15% discount plus their 10% membership cache.

Becoming an MYG Representative:

For anyone looking for a little side-hustle, MYG Cosmetics offers a wholesale/distribution discount of 30%. There is no contract and can be accomplished in any 30 day period with no obligation to perform but great incentives for you and your customers along the way.

To qualify for this discount, members are purchasing $500 per 30 day period.

For those wishing to get started on a little cosmetic career, take a look at the initial incentives.

MYG Representatives receive an MYG Canvas sales bag, 100 personalized MYG calling cards, 10 of our most popular full size free products, and a full color catalogue to assist in your success.

We are not an MLM. This is an opportunity for everyone and requires no pressure to sell to friends and family as so often is the mandate of most MLM's

BAF (Be Amazing Foundation):

The BAF was established to assist women who are struggling with self esteem issues, which in turn affects their families and their ability to succeed.

We donate $2 from every order, regardless how small the amount, which goes toward establishing and maintaining a platform which will help put individuals and or groups together with those affected women who need them, thereby helping to build the esteem of women, families, communities and ultimately our world.

Groups and individuals including, therapists, life coaches, job resources, accommodation listings, fitness and wellness programs, addiction counselling, and general do-good programs and individuals are invited to participate in this foundation to make a difference.

Together we can make a positive change. ❤️

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Unknown member
Mar 25, 2021


Unknown member
Mar 24, 2021

You're most welcome!


Thanks for letting me know Elizabeth 😊

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