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Personal Growth through a Pandemic

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Let's inspire each other with a personal story of triumph over the unique circumstances this pandemic has presented our personal lives business or work our communities our families

I have had some challenges which have in turn brought about the opportunity for personal growth which I may otherwise not have gained.

I'll share one such situation.

Some of you may know, while separated and going through a costly divorce with not a penny coming from my marital assets. I gave up my unstable film career to be a full time PSW/Caregiver for a private client for the past 3+ years.

Dealing with Dementia can be a wonderfully purposeful vocation, yet has it's unique challenges especially during a pandemic where nothing makes sense anyway. However through it all, I have learned patience, endurance, empathy and love that surpasses all hardships.

I was able to enlist my dear sister Teresa as a full time health aide for the last 5 months whom I had the great fortune to become besties with all over again at this stage of life.

Also my granddaughter Lohla on a p/t basis which was such a blessing. I'm so proud of the mature kind person she's becoming.

I won't even begin with the shinanighans amidst the constant eventual palliative care we all struggled through at times.

In the end, our poor client... friend, Vera.. succumbed to the disease.

It has been an extraordinary experience which I will cherish forever, grateful for the rich reward of personal growth.

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In all circumstances, maintain a good attitude and put your best self out there.

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