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Bridal Consultation

The consultation may be your first time meeting your makeup artist so she will want to get a feel for what you envision for your event, and will need to know all of the particulars including color palette of your event, dress color, style, the colors and styles chosen for the bridesmaids, jewellery and hair accessories, whether there are any skin issues or sensitivities to be aware of, tattoos to cover, preferred makeup and hair styles, the locations for getting ready and possibly the ceremony location in case there will be touch ups included, the timing of photos and ceremony as well as any other pertinent information which will be helpful for a seamless service on the day.

A professional bridal hair and makeup artist will be able to replicate a style from a photo, however, everyone’s unique combination of hair type, face shape, and colouring must be taken into consideration. It can be difficult to judge exactly how a style will look and you may discover that you prefer something different than what you originally chose.

Your makeup artist will also want to advise you on skincare and preparation to address any concerns which can be mediated before your special day. A good skincare regime, as well as possibly some moderate resurfacing or rejuvenation weeks prior so as not to be dealing with any inflammation, skin eruptions or excess wrinkles.

If tanning is desired, be sure to book your last session no closer than 2 days prior to your wedding to avoid any redness, irritation, or dryness and peeling. Remember you'll be wearing clothing all day which you don't typically wear which could be a bit uncomfortable with a fresh tan.

Booking a bridal consultation ensures that there are no last-minute surprises for you or your MUA on your wedding day.

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