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A lightweight fluid concealer that provides medium to full coverage with a comfortable, natural matte finish. A concealer that delivers long-lasting camouflage with a matte finish. It will not creep, fade or crease in fine lines. Helps conceal and correct the look of under-eye circles and discolorations. Formulated with green tea extract, Sodium Hyaluronate and a unique blend of extracts known to combat the signs of aging and repair damaged upper layer of tissues on the skin. Talc & paraben free, vegan.

Advanced Long Wear Concealer

Shades with Pink Undertones
Shades with Yellow Undertones
  • Apply on bare skin. Squeeze a small amount onto back of hand. Dip Concealer Brush in product then stroke over area to be covered, blending well. Or, finger-blend into skin using a light, patting motion. Build coverage by adding more when needed.

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