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A product that will give an immediate well rested eyes anytime of the day or night. Carry one with you to give your eyes and spirits a little lift whenever needed. Helps reduce the appearance of darks circles, Good Night’s Sleep will keep your eyes looking well rested. Contains Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), that is known for its ability to normalize dry and photodamaged skin and helps enhance skin’s elasticity. The shade was created to match all skin tones. With a lightweight moisturizer, it will hydrate any skin type. This product is compatible with other
moisturizing products as well as other Perfectors and Correctors. Paraben free and talc free. Vegan.
Using the doe foot, touch around the eyes where desired. Then using your fingertips, lightly pat in. When totally absorbed will help give you “good night’s sleep” appearance. Can be applied directly on clean skin before other products or even over others.

Good Nights Sleep


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