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Matte lip color, offering lip protection with brilliant color. Mega Matte Lipstick line features bright and bold colors in a very matte, long-lasting formula. For those who want a lip color with staying power, impactful color and an old-world glamour finish free of any shine or pearl. Best applied straight from the stick, use with lip liner for additional definition. Available in black and silver. Paraben free, lanolin free.

Mega Matte Lipstick

  • After applying LIP LINER, glide the tear drop shape lipstick tip starting from the center upper lip going to the side. Repeat it on the other side. Glide it across the lower lip. Apply with a lip brush for a longer lasting coverage. Reapply mid-day or after eating. Artist Tip: Use MYG Lip Exfoliating Micro Polish once a week to insure a smooth application.

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