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A product designed to prevent smearing of eyeliners or eyeshadows. Keeps eye make-up all day without smudging. Use it as a sealer over any type of eyeline, pencil or pressed powder. Use it to make powder eyeshadows stay in place all day. Or use it with Loose Eye Dusts as a wetting agent to make a water-resistant eyeliner. Helps make all products water resistant for long wear with the relative ease of removal. It comes with a stemmed applicator inside the container making this product easy to use any time or place. Keep It On contains comfrey, chamomile, and eyebright extracts that are known for their soothing qualities, and cucumber and witch hazel extracts known for their astringent/cooling qualities. Paraben free and talc free. Vegan.
 We offer a couple of suggestions-
1. Use wiper on the container to remove excess before application. Using the fine tipped brush, apply directly over eye products. Allow product to dry before continuing. Will apply a water resistant finish to all other eyeliner products.
2. Using the brush, mix a small quantity of Keep It On with any eye powdered product. Apply with brush to have a long wear finish. Always best to clean applicator before returning to container. Always best to clean applicator before returning to container.

Keep it On


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